Here in NHHS, everyone shall feel safe and taken care of. If you or someone you know have experienced something unpleasant, we urge you to notify us through this form. You can remain anonymous if you wish, or you can write your name here and specify that you wish to remain anonymous to everyone except your contact person. The notice will be sent to the President of the Executive Board and the Head of the Control Committee, who can initiate a disciplinary case if they believe that the by-laws of NHHS may have been broken. One of them will be your contact person and guide you through the process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

If you choose to remain anonymous, no one will know your identity. You can choose to write your name here and share it with your contact person. They will not share your identity to anyone else.
The email is mandatory to fill in. If you choose to remain anonymous, we will not have access to see your email.